Herlings wins in Belgium, Cairoli wins MX2 class

Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli won the international motocross race at the Keiheuvel in Balen. In MX2 race 1 it was Yamaha’s Rick Elzinga who won the race infront of Antonio Cairoli, who came out of retirement for this race only. In the second moto it was the other way around, giving Antonio Cairoli the overall MX2 class winn. In MX1 race 1 it was Romain Febvre who won, before a poor starting Jeffrey Herlings and Benoit Paturel. Paturel even lead the first laps of the race. In race 2 it was Jeffrey Herlings who got out front early and kept Febvre at a safe distance. In the superfinal, which was made up of the first 15 MX2 & first 15 MX1 riders, it was again Herlings with the early lead and he never looked back.

The overall podiums looked like this:
Antonio Cairoli 2-1
Rick Elzinga 1-2
Liam Everts 3-3
Jeffrey Herlings 2-1
Romain Febvre 1-2
Max Nagl 5-3
Jeffrey Herlings 1
Romain Febvre 2
Pauls Jonass 3

Here is a video from the racing today: