Yamaha presents the new YZ250F

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2024 Yamaha YZ250F – 50th anniversary edition colouring
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2024 Yamaha YZ250F

New generation YZ250F: Lighter, sharper and more advanced

The YZ250F has proved beyond doubt that it is one of the most competitive 250cc 4-stroke motocross bikes at every level. With a distinguished race winning record in Motocross Grand Prix and US Supercross – as well as three consecutive MX2 Manufacturer’s World Championships – this bike is a born winner.

For the 2024 model year Yamaha introduce the new generation YZ250F that features an all-new YZ450F-based frame, ultra-compact bodywork, increased mid to high speed power and improved tuning functionalities with the new Power Tuner App. By retaining the highly acclaimed strengths of the existing model, the 2024 YZ250F is designed to give an easier, smoother and faster ride.

All-new YZ450F-based aluminium frame

The new generation YZ250F is equipped with an all-new aluminium frame that has been proven on the latest YZ450F. This new frame provides lighter and easier handling and gives more feedback – enabling the rider to push harder and exploit more fully the YZ250F’s powerful low to mid rpm torque.

The key improvement on the new lightweight frame is the relocation of the head pipe which is now 15mm lower – a significant change which centralizes the bike’s mass for increased handling agility and quicker directional changes. The new head pipe is also thinner and lighter and contributes towards the reduced weight of the new YZ250F.

To match the new head pipe the tank rails are also mounted much lower for 2024 and incorporate a new U-shaped profile at the rear that changes the frame’s balance of rigidity in order to achieve an idealized degree of controlled flex. With its revised layout giving a lower centre of gravity – combined with improved shock absorption – the all-new chassis promotes the sense of rider/machine unity and delivers faster and more agile cornering.

Completely new slimline bodywork with flatter seat

All-new bodywork gives the new YZ250F a much tighter, lighter and slimmer look and feel, and this contributes towards making the bike easier, smoother and faster. The complete bodywork is new for 2024, and like the new frame, is based on the successful design used on the latest YZ450F.

The shroud width is 50mm narrower, making it easier for the rider to shift bodyweight forwards. Rider mobility is also enhanced by the new seamless seat which is 6mm narrower and also much flatter, with the height difference between the front and rear reduced by 15mm for the 2024 model.

The compact, newly designed front fender promotes better airflow to the radiators for improved cooling efficiency – and the short and flat rear fender and slim side panels further enhance the tighter and lighter look of this new generation 250cc 4-stroke.

Revised rider triangle

Subtle but significant improvements are made to the YZ250F’s ergonomics with detail changes to the geometry of the rider triangle. The new flatter seat is 5mm higher, while footpegs are mounted 5mm lower, giving a total 10mm increase for a more flexible leg position. Handlebar position is relocated closer back towards the rider, and together with the new seat and footpeg positions this gives improved ergonomics and increased controllability, enabling the rider to optimize the increased agility of the new chassis.

Optimized KYB suspension settings

The KYB suspension is widely regarded as being one of the best in class, and for 2024 the new generation YZ250F’s forks and rear shock internals are added to bring out the optimum performance of the new frame. Revised front and rear damping settings offer improved shock absorption and traction, and a new hand adjustable compression damping system on the front forks makes suspension set up quicker and easier.

For added protection against scratches and debris the fork shrouds wrap further around the sides of the inner tubes, and for increased durability the KYB forks are equipped with new long-lip seals that prevent dirt ingress.

Improved rear brake feel

The rear brake plays a key role in directional changes as well as effective corner entry and also when adjusting machine angle when in the air, and the degree of feel transmitted to the rider is crucial for maintaining control. For this reason, the YZ250F is equipped with a new rear hose with reduced rigidity that improves the balance of the brake input and gives the rider more accurate control.    

Increased performance by efficient air management and FI setting

A new high efficiency air management system is used on the new YZ250F, with air now entering the airbox via a new rear duct system as featured on the MXGP and AMA SX race winning YZ450F. The compact new bodywork features ducts in the new side panels, frame and tank that channel fresh air into a new high capacity round profile air filter with a 30% increase in clean-side capacity – and the lower case is now made from rubber instead of plastic to promote air intake pulsation. The new rear duct air flow design contributes towards the increased mid to high speed performance and over rev characteristics of the 250cc 4-stroke reverse-head engine.

A new ECU features updated fuel and ignition mapping that is designed to optimize the performance gains achieved by the various engine changes. Riders familiar with the current model will feel the increased mid to high range performance that, together with the bike’s legendary low to mid-range torque, make the new YZ250F even more competitive in all conditions.  

Low friction cam chain

The YZ250F engine is renowned for its strong low to mid-range torque and high levels of controllability in different conditions, and these strengths have made it one of the leading 250cc 4-strokes in motocross. Yamaha’s engineers have concentrated on retaining all of the positive attributes of this winning engine for 2024, while also working hard to increase its high speed performance.

To accommodate the increased performance the YZ250F is equipped with a new low friction cam chain that is wider and more durable. The DOHC engine also features new camchain sprockets as well as new tensioner settings that optimize the efficiency of the uprated engine.

New adjustable Traction Control System

The 2024 YZ250F is equipped with a new Traction Control System that offers two levels of assistance as well as an OFF function. Operated by the latest Power Tuner App, this system is designed to give the rider increased controllability on wet or loose surfaces – and by preventing the machine losing traction entirely it enables the rider to fully concentrate on the track ahead.

Launch Control System

The YZ250F benefits from a new Launch Control System with ‘Rev limit’ function that gives the rider the option to set with maximum launch rpm between 6.000 rpm and 11.000 rpm in 500 rpm increments. This launch Control allows the rider to power off the line at full throttle and concentrate fully on getting the holeshot.

When the launch control system recognizes that the start has been completed the Rev limit function automatically turns off  and when 3rd gear is reached the Launch Control system is deactivated.

Next generation simplified Power Tuner App

Yamaha’s Power Tuner App is one of the most significant developments in recent years. The company was an early pioneer of wireless engine tuning, and the latest generation system is designed to be even easier to use. The 2024 YZ250F Power Tuner App now features a “Quick Tuning” option with a scrollbar that runs from ‘Smooth’ to ‘Aggressive’. It’s the easiest and most intuitive system ever used on the bike, and it is designed for superfast trackside tuning.

And the latest Power Tuner retains the 4×4 matrix that allows detailed mapping changes designed for professional teams that want to achieve the ultimate performance – and there’s a new multifunction switch that enables the YZ250F rider to switch between two uploaded mappings during a session.

The Power Tuner App can also be used to set the YZ250F’s traction control and launch control parameters, and the system can also record lap by lap data, allowing the team and rider to evaluate the effectiveness of various different mapping settings. Furthermore, the App features a suspension set up section that offers advice and suggested settings to suit different riding situations.

YZ250F 50th Anniversary Edition

It is 50 years since the Yamaha brand entered the motocross scene with its first production bikes, and during this half century the company’s YZ models have established themselves as some of the most competitive and innovative machines in every major category.

The new YZ250F 50th Anniversary Edition celebrates this significant chapter in the YZ’s history, and also highlights Yamaha’s first ever Motocross World Championship title. Featuring an exclusive 1990’s inspired historic colour scheme together with all of the sophisticated technology found on the latest generation YZ250F, this 50th Anniversary Edition gives riders the chance to own an exclusive machine. The pure white bodywork features retro-styled purple/pink graphics, and the purple seat and black wheels complete the package to create a very special looking anniversary bike.

Technical highlights

  • All-new YZ450F-based bilateral aluminium beam frame with revised rigidity balance
  • Slimmer and more compact bodywork dimensions for increased rider agility
  • Flatter and narrower seat for greater freedom of movement
  • Optimized KYB suspension settings
  • New hand adjustable front fork compression damping adjuster
  • Improved rear brake feel
  • Stronger mid to high rpm performance
  • New rear duct air cleaner
  • New ECU with optimized FI settings
  • Newly designed low friction cam chain
  • New 2-mode adjustable Traction Control System
  • Updated Launch Control System
  • New more intuitive Power Tuner App
  • New lap timer feature and more
  • FAQ-style engine and suspension set up guidance

Availability and colour options

The YZ250F is available from October 2023 and will be offered in Icon Blue with new graphics. The YZ250F 50th Anniversary Edition is available from October 2023 and will be offered in Anniversary White.